About Knights of Valor MC

Knights of Valor Motorcycle Club (KVMC), Was founded as a Law Enforcement and Public Service Motorcycle Club.  It’s membership consists of those who honorably serve or have honorably served in the Armed Forces of the United States, serve and protect the community in an active or retired Law Enforcement capacity, those who save lives and protect property, and all others who defend life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as embodied in the Constitution of the United States of America. KVMC was established as an organization for like-minded motorcycle riders who love this nation and are dedicated to riding motorcycles, providing for the community, and upholding the values of this club.  Conduct that is contrary to this will not be tolerated. KVMC is about Brotherhood, Loyalty, and Integrity to ourselves and the Club; we are a family and will do anything to help one another.  If you are a Patch collector or just want to party, this is not the club for you and WE DON’T WANT YOU. KVMC is NOT a (1%) motorcycle club. We are not a surrogate organization for any motorcycle club, riding club, or group. We believe in the principles of respect for all who ride and will extend appropriate courtesies as is customary in the motorcycle club culture to all who we encounter. KVMC is a traditional 3 piece patch MC. Therefore it is a Men’s only club. KVMC does not require members to ride a specific brand of motorcycle so long as the motorcycle falls into the cruiser or touring categories with an engine displacement of 750 cubic centimeters(cc) or larger, although most of us choose to ride Harley-Davidson.